Win an awesome t-shirt from The Pink Line Project!

11 Jun

Everyone who buys a ticket to this event using this link HERE will receive a little gift from The Pink Line Project tonight.

Five of you will win a peeps shirt (pictured above)!  We’ll print them after we pick winners so you’ll get exactly your size.

Buy tickets HERE to be eligible.


Buy tickets now – get free stuff!

10 Jun

The next 50 people to buy tickets will receive a free set of EarPeace! Buy tickets HERE.

What is EarPeace?

EarPeace enhances any live music or clubbing experience that is high volume. EarPeace is high-fidelity hearing protection that only turns down the volume – it won’t muffle the sound.  It is very low profile, skin toned and virtually invisible.  It also comes in a sleek, stylish case. EarPeace is hearing protection without compromise.


8 Jun

As part of DC week’s emphasis on technology and communication, the
opening party is introducing a new way to communicate – flamingos.
Yes, these 10 (or other number) special birds will each be “tagged”
with a special barcode that when scanned with a smartphone will allow
you to leave notes and pictures of your DCWeek adventures with the
bird. All you need is a smartphone with a camera, and mobile internet
access. The FlaminGoDc birds will be passed around throughout the DC
week events, and participants will be asked to blog with them, and
pass them off to another participant.  The final result will be 10
unique accounts of DC week from the eyes of a special “fly” crowd
which will be displayed at the closing party.  This public works
project is in conjunction wtih DC week, the Pinkline project, and QR
arts.  Come meet the whole FlaminGoDc cast this friday at the opening
party of DC week.

If you are not attending DC week, you can track the the real time
migration patterns of the FlaminGoDc birds on the web. Soon to be

Now accepting names for the FlaminGoDc Week birds.

Buy tickets to the event HERE. (Includes free beer!)


How to play!

Optional :   Go to and create an account at home to hit the ground running

1.  Download the FREE Stickybits App on Android or iPhone
2. Find a Flamingo > scan the code
3. Scan the barcode ( bit ) using the stickybits app
4. Login or create your account
5. Attach a comment, photo, or video
6. Check out other “bits” that people have left   ( you can do this at home too! )
7. Pass the flamingo off to someone new.

There will be food at the party!

7 Jun

On the Fly will park one of their eco-friendly smartkarts in the alley so you can stick around the party event longer!

Buy tickets to the event HERE.

Pink flamingos!

7 Jun

Pink flamingos will be flocking to the kick-off party! Follow them around all week after the party as they follow the flocks of inspirational people moving around DC Digital Capital Week events. Each flamingo has a unique stickybits ID that will allow you to follow them on the internet, and leave messages or “bits” with them as they fly around.  Meet them at the opening party!

Buy tickets to the event HERE.
(Includes free beer!)

Free beer!

7 Jun

Turns out, we got so much beer donated to this event that we are just going to give it away!

Buy tickets HERE.

Busted in the Alley!

6 Jun

Buy your tickets HERE.