Awesome talent

Buy tickets HERE!
(Ticket price includes free beer! Wine will be for sale.)

Dance performances by:
Urban Artistry

Fire by Dance Afire Productions
DC’s collective of professional dancers and fire artists who have come together to develop the accentuation of dance theater with the rich and beautiful spectacle of fire.

Ruby Moon Productions
“i for an I”

Music in the gallery:
Paradise Movement
DJ Harry Hotter
Live percussion by Tom Pipkin

Music in the alley:
Peter Muldoon
Lulu Fall
Michael Perez
Deborah Bond

Music in the Speakeasy:
DJ Chris Nitti + Matt Hemerlein
Ryan Holladay of BLUEBRAIN

Technology + Art:
Facbook Avatars by Katie Harbath + Marc Benton

FlaminGoDC by QR Arts
As part of DC week’s emphasis on technology and communication, the
opening party is introducing a new way to communicate – flamingos.
Yes, these 10 special birds will each be “tagged”
with a special barcode that when scanned with a smartphone will allow
you to leave notes and pictures of your DCWeek adventures with the
bird. All you need is a smartphone with a camera, and mobile internet
access. The FlaminGoDc birds will be passed around throughout the DC
week events, and participants will be asked to blog with them, and
pass them off to another participant.  The final result will be 10
unique accounts of DC week from the eyes of a special “fly” crowd
which will be displayed at the closing party.

Kenny George
You’re Ugly borrows ideas from the classic childhood game Wooly Willy as well as good old fashioned Sharpie on a public flyer to present it’s viewer with an opportunity to demonstrate their level of creativity on an exciting medium, your face.  Combining ad-hoc electronics, and open source computer programs, You’re Ugly uses a photography station to take timed photographs of willing participants, and projects them on a wall where viewers can graffiti and deface the portrait using an electronic Sharpie comprised of a Nintendo Wiimote and Infrared LED Pen.  Images will be on a continuous loop throughout the duration of the project, and then archived online so participants may have a record of their image.

Video art!
Curated by: Amelia Winger-Bearskin
Jason Martin
David Horvitz
Mark Hosford
Grant Worth
Brent Stewart
Robert Spees
Amber Hawk Swanson
Lynn Lu
Eunjung Hwang

Stilt walking lessons by

Performance by
Melissa Krodman

Check back again for updates!


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