Pink flamingos!

7 Jun

Pink flamingos will be flocking to the kick-off party! Follow them around all week after the party as they follow the flocks of inspirational people moving around DC Digital Capital Week events. Each flamingo has a unique stickybits ID that will allow you to follow them on the internet, and leave messages or “bits” with them as they fly around.  Meet them at the opening party!

Buy tickets to the event HERE.
(Includes free beer!)


One Response to “Pink flamingos!”

  1. pinklineproject June 11, 2010 at 9:20 am #

    Optional : Go to and create an account at home to hit the ground running

    1. Download the FREE Stickybits App on Android or iPhone
    2. Find a Flamingo > scan the code
    3. Scan the barcode ( bit ) using the stickybits app
    4. Login or create your account
    5. Attach a comment, photo, or video
    6. Check out other “bits” that people have left ( you can do this at home too! )
    7. Pass the flamingo off to someone new.

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